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introduction to c++ programming


What is c++

C++ is an extension to C language that added object-oriented programming. It is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in 1979. The most commonly used language for developing system software such as databases and operating systems.
C++ is a very powerful and strong high-level programming language that is used when we require high-level mathematical computations. Its speed is very close to machine language than other high-level languages that’s why it is used globally for many technologies. It is widely used for graphical software like games, photo and video editing tools, and apps, browsers, and embedded software, etc.

It is a speed and performance-optimized language and also used as the core programming language for many embedded devices and OS kernels. So, it is a never-ending language and its future is bright because many technologies use C++ libraries for accurate performance and speed optimization.
That’s why this language is being taught in all the departments of engineering and computing. All kinds of embedded technologies like an oven, washing machine, computers, fridges, etc., all are using C++ for core functionalities, engineers must also be aware of C++ working.

So in this series, you will get complete knowledge about C++ from scratch to an advanced level. we are going to mention some key points of C++.

what is c++ used for

  • C++ is used to develop computer software.
  • It is used to develop general system software.
  • used to develop graphical tools like video and editing apps.
  • C++ is used in embedded hardware machines like a microwave oven.

Advantages of C++ programming

  • C++ is relatively a low-level and systems programming language.
  • It has a very large community.
  • Has relatively clear and mature standards.
  • Modular functionality.
  • has reusability and readability.

Disadvantages of C++ programming

  • Data can be global and global data does not have security.
  • It focuses on instructions but not on data.
  • It can generally be heavy if not careful.

Hello World program in C++

#include <iotsream>
using namespace std;
Int main( )
cout << “ Hello World ”;
return 0;

So in the next article, we will start exploring C++ from variables and will move on further 🙂

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