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Best freelancing reviews for seller and buyer at fiverr and Upwork

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Fiverr reviews and Upwork reviews:

Here you will find the best freelancing reviews for Fiverr and Upwork

Reviews for seller/freelancer

  1. Always giving the best work. Will continue working with him. Thank you for the awesome project.
  2. Excellent service and did the best work in time.
  3. Awesome seller. Thank you for your best work!
  4. The seller was fast in response and able to communicate quickly regards to my inquiries and I will order from the seller in the future.
  5. Amazing service as he is very professional and exceeded my expectations
  6. Delivered excellent work within a short time frame. Would highly recommend him. Will be using his service a lot moreโ€ฆ
  7. The work was 100% perfect and I am really satisfied also I recommend this friendly and professional seller.
  8. Doing business with him was very comforting and rewarding. He helped me with a project I was working on and he overachieved in the process. He is very reliable and respectful. I recommend doing business with him blindly and without any doubt.
  9. Finished on time, very easy to work with and I will definitely work with him again!!
  10. The best and the most reliable work someone can ask for. Always working his best to make sure the material is well understood. He is very understanding and knows his work very well.
  11. Perfect work in perfect time. I am so thankful for this great job.
  12. Professional work and fast delivery. The best assistant I could ever work with.
  13. The seller did an amazing job. He is so professional to give me full right to ask anything about the project and he really helped me out to understand each and every aspect of it and I would give 10 out of 10 to him for his quality work.
  14. He is an exceptionally sound seller. His response came quickly and to my deep satisfaction. Was great working with and will most definitely be back for future projects. Thanks!
  15. He is amazing and delivered fast. Thanks a lot and I will work with him again for sure.
  16. Great work with the project. He made sure everything was to my satisfaction and had great communication. Will definitely order with him again.
  17. Very professional and excellent work. Absolutely going to work with him again.
  18. The seller is very genius and he knows what he is doing. He thoroughly reads the project requirements and delivers ahead of time. He is also very good at communicating with. He keeps in the loop and lets you know the updates as he is working. I highly recommend him for quality work.
  19. Best experience ever helped me to understand what he’s sending me and delivered way earlier than expected delivery time. I will use his services again for sure.
  20. Amazing seller! High-quality work! Quick to respond! Delivers on time! Highly recommended!
  21. It was a pleasure and a wonderful experience working with this guy. Got the job done right on time.
  22. Brilliant work! Communication has been awesome! I recommend him for any work you have! He will be supportive and will help every step of the way.
  23. They are great at communication. They really do care that your project works. They are willing to assist you by any means necessary. And they are financially friendlier than other sellers.
  24. Amazing person to work with! Solved all of my issues and explained everything in detail. Highly recommended.
  25. Excellent work! I appreciate your quality and interactive communication. Highly recommended.

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Reviews for clients

  1. Thank you for using our services. Hope to see you again!
  2. Such a nice client he is. Always loved to work with him. Very polite and easy to communicate with.
  3. Thank you for your order. Will be happy to see you again. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. It was one of my best experiences to work with such a client. Will be waiting for your next project.
  5. Thanks for choosing our services. Hope to work with you again!!

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