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5 best freelancing platforms to make money online in 2022


There are a bunch of online freelancing platforms where you can sell your services and earn money online. In the future, most of the work will be remote so it is the best time to get hands-on practice of such marketplaces to make money online. We are going to explain the top 5 freelancing websites list
from where you can earn hundreds and thousands of dollars by doing remote work. So let’s start exploring these huge online marketplaces and learn how to make money online.

1. Upwork

Upwork is ranked as the number 1 marketplace for hiring freelancers in the world. It was established in 2015 and now became the world’s largest freelancing platform where employers hire freelancers for their projects and pay them for their services. There are professional freelancers that are earning a very handsome amount by providing their services. On Upwork, clients posts their projects, and freelancers start bidding on that projects.
Clients or employers read the bidding proposals and select freelancers that suit them best. So for working on Upwork you must have technical knowledge about proposals and proficiency in your skill. If you have it then you can excel on Upwork very fast.


  •  Highly-paid projects
  • Long term clients
  • Being a part of the world’s largest platform
  • Job seeking
  • Massive earnings


  •  Not recommended for a beginner ( no experience in skill )
  • Cost of bidding and proposals
  • Low chance of getting project as many freelancers are applying at the same time

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2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a very user-friendly marketplace that works on a different model. In Fiverr, as compared to other marketplaces where freelancers contact employers or clients by sending proposals and get hired, buyers or clients contact the freelancer by watching their gigs and hire them. Its opposite process to other marketplaces makes it unique and easy to work with. Buyers also know to whom they are working and sellers also know their buyers in it by communicating privately with each other. In this way, buyers also don’t confuse who to choose for their projects. It is recommended for beginners because buyers reach them directly. They don’t need to worry about sending proposals and get hired.

You just need your proper account and professional gig. Clients will automatically reach you soon.
Fiverr is for all. If you have any skills like graphic designing, programming, web development, tutoring, etc. In short, anything you can transfer through the internet you can sell on Fiverr even you can teach students, you can give health tips. You can sell it all on Fiverr. So the best phrase is Fiverr for all!


  •  Recommended for beginners
  •  No hustle of bidding
  •  Everyone can work on Fiverr
  • Easy process of getting clients
  • Small to large projects ranging from 5$ to any price


  • Strict policies
  • Fiverr support team give more protection to buyers than sellers



It is an Australian freelance marketplace established in 2009. It allows potential employers to hire freelancers for their remote work. It’s also a good platform for seeking online jobs. Many employers hire freelancers from this platform annually for remote jobs. It also provides a massive amount of projects related to every field. So its an also the best option to work on this online marketplace.


  •  Massive projects
  • Job seeking
  • Handsome earning


  •  Cost of bidding and proposals
  • Low chance of getting project as many freelancers are applying at the same time
  • requires bidding knowledge



Guru is also a freelancing marketplace that is providing a huge connection between freelancers and employers. Several projects are shared here within minutes and many freelancers get them and earn money. It also provides a job-seeking environment for remote work. It is among the oldest freelance marketplaces established in 1998. Employers posted their projects like other marketplaces and freelancers start bidding on them to win the project. The most famous services on are graphic designing, web development, and Android development.


    •  Numerous projects shared within minutes
    • Job seeking
    • Easy hiring


    •  Cost of bidding and proposals
    • Low chance of getting project as many freelancers are applying at the same time


5. PeoplePerHour

It is also among the leading freelancing sites through which freelancers are earning capital by getting projects. It’s a UK-based company that connects freelancers and clients. On this site, freelancers put their rate per hour like 5$ per hour or 10$ or any price that suits their skill set.
So you can select this website to earn money if you are an expert in skills.


  • Easy to get clients by showing hourly rate
  • Hiring leading to job


  •  Complex website
  • not recommended for beginners



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